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A historical adventure at Rum Cay, Bahamas

The Hartford Cave at Rum Cay, Bahamas contains amazing material remains (petroglyphs) that are waiting to be seen and understood. It is a historical site that calls for exploration and encourages discussions on how and why the petroglyphs were made.

This website intends to compile information about the cave, examine further interpretations and to understand the early people of the Bahamas better. The early people of Bahamas went through rough periods, such as the migration into unknown areas and the creation of settlements that were destroyed by invaders and which ended in slavery. It is time to safeguard and appreciate their heritage to its fullest extent and to continue to support those who are already working on safeguarding the heritage.

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Historical Expeditions to Hartford Cave

I may say, that all of the natives on Rum Key with whom I conversed about the inscriptions regarded them as very ancient, indeed, I think most of the creoles believe the cave to be haunted by spirits of Indians, which may account for the fact that non of the inscriptions were ever injured in any way.

Charles J. Maynard, 1889